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EZline Fine Black

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EZline Fine Black
Ez-line is a stretch thread produced for modellers.

EZ line is available  on 100' spools, in two thicknesses;
Fine  0.01" (0.25mm)
Thick 0.02" (0.5mm)

And available in six colours;
White, Rust, Green, Rope, Charcoal(black), French Blue

Guidence for Rail Modellers
  • Fine – .010″ (0.25mm) diameter
    Recommended for N and HO model railroad scales.  This size works well for other models from 1/350 – 1/87 scale.
  • Heavy – .020″ (0.5mm) in diameter
    Recommended for S and O scale, and as high tension wires in HO Scale. Recommended for other scale models from 1/64 – 1/10 scale.

In some HO and S scale layouts, a mixture of large and small diameters looks best, for example, simulating both telephone cables and electric wires on a pole.

Originally for  power lines and fences of railway layout.
Now the use has widened to for rigging on biplanes, aircraft aerials, ship rigging, in fact anywhere you need a stretched wire or cable..

It can be stretched up to 7 times it's own length, so can take little knocks without breaking.

Tack one end with CA glue, stretch and tack the other end.

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