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H & S Evolution Silverline 2in1 Airbrush
0.2mm, 0.4mm nozzle, V2 needles
2ml, 5ml cups

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H & S Evolution Silverline 2in1 Airbrush<br />  0.2mm, 0.4mm nozzle, V2 needles<br>2ml, 5ml  cups
The Evolution Silverline 2in1 is the middle brush in the main H&S range.

Great for Beginners and experienced  users, easy to clean and maintain.

New V2.0 Needles included in all H&S Brushes.

0.2mm & 0.4mm nozzle set, for area, general and small area work.
Preset handle to control paint flow
Nozzle fits in air cap and compression fits to the brush, no tools required.
2ml & 5ml screw in paint cup and fixed internal 0.5ml paint cup
1/8th hose connector with quick release adapter installed

Accessories available:
15ml paint cup, micro paint cup, 0.4mm nozzle set, 0.15mm nozzle set, 0.6mm nozzle set, Quick fix handle

Comes complete with a comprehensive Workshop DVD and Airbrush Cleaning Brushes

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