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H&S Ultra Solo Airbrush
V2.0 needle - 0.2mm nozzle set and 2ml paint cup.

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The Ultra is a good cost effective brush.

Great for Beginners and general users, easy to clean and maintain.

New V2.0 Needles included in all H&S Brushes.

0.2mm nozzle set, for general and small area work.
Nozzle fits in air cap and compression fits to the brush, no tools required.
2ml push in paint cup
1/8th hose connector with quick release adapter installed

Accessories available;
5ml Ultra paint cup, 0.4mm nozzle set

Comes complete with a comprehensive Workshop DVD and Airbrush Cleaning Brushes

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Mitch K from Yorkshite UK   5 Stars

Top-flight piece of kit. I've been airbrushing on and off fora very long time and wanted something to relace my "best" brush that had bought the farm.

The Ultra worked like a dream straight out of the box - I could get pen lines out of it after a few minutes, and if you yank the paint valve open it willgive you a 25mm swath for blocking in. Stripping and cleaning is quick and simple - it doesn't feel like a chore to do it between colours, even.

Delivery was fast, andI would rate my overall experience of dealing with Mike and MT as being A1 - I was given regular, informative updates, and when it appeared one part of the order would be delayed, Mike asked what I wanted to do about sending the order, waiting for stuff and so on.

Recommended without reservation.