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We have gathered in one set, the green colours most used from 1956 to the present for lovers and fans of Russian vehicles from all eras. All of these colours are very different from each other and each of them has been used alone or in combination with other colours in different camouflage patterns. Most trucks or light vehicles, as well as many tanks were painted for years with the ZIS 508 or colour KHV 518. In the 80s began the use of KHS 5146, alone or in combination with black, sand, or gray. This colour is very different from the previous two colours. Finally, NC 1200 colour is a much darker and dull colour was first used in 2005 as a single colour on all vehicles of the Russian army in order to save costs and unify camouflages in all units. All 6 jars are acrylic and are formulated for maximum performance both with brush or airbrush and the Scale Effect Reduction will allow us to apply the correct colour on our models. Water soluble, odorless and non-toxic. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel agitator to facilitate mixture. We recommend MIG -2000 Acrylic Thinner for a correct thinning. Dries completely in 24 hours. Included colours: A.MIG-053 PROTECTIVE NC 1200, A.MIG-056 GREEN KHAKI, A.MIG-083 ZASHCHITNIY ZELENO (RUSSIAN POSTWAR GREEN), A.MIG-932 RUSSIAN BASE

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