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Sparmax GP-50

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Sparmax GP-50
The Sparmax GP-50 is a great quality general purpose to large area, trigger activated airbrush.

This brush is great for everyone, especially people with joint problems in the hand.
The handle grip and trigger lowers the stress on the hand (compared with a traditional double action brush) and make the brush easy to use and control. 

The trigger is two stage, you pull the trigger back a little, until you hit the first stop. This opens the air valve.
When you pull it back more, the needle retracts to allow paint to flow, just as on a double action brush.

The 0.5mm nozzle is meant as a large area brush, but is fairly flexible in use.
The brush features a preset handle on the back can be used to set the maximum paint flow.

Can be upgraded to the finer flow nozzle set used on the GP-35 brush for smaller area work.

0.5mm nozzle set, general area and detai work.
2 side feed, screw in paint cups, 7ml and 15ml
Preset handle for maximum paint flow
comfy grip handle

Accessories include:
7ml & 15ml cups with lids
Nozzle spanner

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